“Nilanjan has been extremely positive minded at all times to all suggestions and improvisations we have made to increase our F&B sales using his team to push dining loyalty cards. It has been a strong association from the day we have started . Nilanjan's commitment towards us I have seen and experienced first hand unlike lip service that many other people give. I wish Him and Radius continued success.”

Vikram Kamat, Executive Director, Kamat Hotels India Ltd.




“I have known Nilanjan for more than 10 years. We had the pleasure of working together for 5 years with Hotel Dynamics(HD). Nilanjan joined HD in 2003 as a Program manager and was Operations Manager India until the time when he left HD in Dec 2007 to start his own venture, Radius Hospitality Concepts.


Radius under Nilanjan’s leadership has grown at a rapid pace and has the potential to grow further. He has managed his business with the highest level of integrity.


Nilanjan has a strong business acumen and is hard working and industrious. He does not shirk his responsibilities. Nilanjan is also a very good people's person, both from a leadership perspective and from a client relationship perspective. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective Hotel group who wants to partner with Radius Hospitality Concepts for dining loyalty programs.”

Aslam G., Director, RCI.




“I have known Nilanjan for 3 years now. He is thorough professional in his field of selling Loyalty Card membership for Hotels. My Company has hired his services and since than there has been a substantial growth. In first two quarters, we have managed to sell almost 1500 membership which in turned had increased our F&B sales by 25 %.


I would strongly recommend Radius Hospitality led by Nilanjan to Hotels for higher and faster returns. Keep up the good work Nilanjan!!!”

Pradeep Kr. D., Sr. Vice President of Operations at Indus Palms Hotels & Resorts Ltd.




“While most of the students of his batch talked about joining Hotel jobs, Nilanjan used to smile and keep silent.Today I understand the meaning of such behavior.Nilanjan is a self-made Entrepreneur who keeps pace with the developments of the Hospitality Industry.A very hard working person with a good vision.He has made me proud.”

Sandipan D., Vice Principal, Presidency College of Hotel Management.




“Nilanjan was entrusted with the Handling of Orchid Gold By Orchid Hotel after pooor handling by previous vendor, he came at a very difficult time as clients were very angry and had lost faith in the programme, he not only restored customer confidence in the product, he also augmented huge increase in revenues with a new elite programme, which did very well in mumbai market. He can be trusted to promote your Hotel on Dining Cards & he delivers great results.”

Pradipta Narayan Biswas, General Manager at Galaxy Hotel Shopping Spa, New Delhi.




“Nilanjan is a charismatic leader who has an amazing ability to connect and inspire people. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious. It was a privilege to work with Nilanjan who gave the creative freedom to work and always was there as a support.”

Imran Ahmed Behlim, Owner - I Chooze Corporate Solutions.




“I would like to put on record the vital statistics of the association of Park Plaza Coimbatore with Nilanjan & Radius Hospitality. Nilanjan is an extremely down to earth & knowledgeable human being and professional in the field of loyalty program management.


He has always been innovative & has a zeal which always pushes him forward than others in his field. His understanding on the subject is phenomenal and he always ensures he goes down to the nitty-gritty to satisfy his accounts. Very flexible in his approach & that’s the main reason why his company is a success story in today’s world. The entire company has been extremely energetic & enthusiastic right from the start & has more than delivered what they promised under the able leadership of Nilanjan. I would certainly go out of my way to recommend Radius & Nilanjan to any hotel group who wants to partner with Radius Hospitality and I have no hesitation in saying that the company would certainly benefit from its association with Radius. I wish him all the best for the future. Am very sure Radius already is a force in the market & it would continue growing in the times to come.”

Akash Gupta | General Manager | Park Plaza Coimbatore





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